Cadence PCB Editor Classroom Course Agenda

Based at Parallel Systems UK

3 Day - OrCAD PCB Editor Course Agenda

PCB Editor User Interface

Navigate within the PCB Editor window and access UI features to tailor the tool for individual needs

Managing the PCB Editor Work Environment

Create and use scripts

Use the Control Panel to locate board database objects and report information about them


Use the Pad Designer to create padstacks for a number of typical pins, such as through-hole and surface-mount pads

Component Symbols

Use the Package Symbol Wizard to create a Package Symbol

Use the Symbol Editor to create a surface-mount package

Board Design Files

Use the Mechanical Symbol Editor to create Board Mechanical Symbols

Use the PCB Design Editor to create a Master Board Design

Importing Logic Information into PCB Editor

Setting Design Constraints

Assign Standard & Extended Design Rules for Spacing & Physical Dimensions

Add, Change & Delete Properties of Components & Nets

Component Placement

Use Floorplanning to organise the placement of components with the same ROOM property

Assign Reference Designators for preplaced parts

Interactively place components

Advanced Placement

Turn rats nets on and off to selectively place components

Use interactive and auto swapping for pins and gates

Define and Display etch grids used for Routing

Add and Delete connect lines and vias

Prepare for Autorouting by creating preliminary embedded planes

Route net connections with PCB Router

Use Slide and Replace Etch to improve routing

Use the Cut option in conjunction with other etch editing commands

Use Gloss to automatically clean up the routed etch in the Design

Copper Areas and Positive or Negative Planes

Learn how to generate Positive and Negative Planes

Preparing for Post Processing

Rename Reference Designators and backannotate changes made in the PCB Editor to the Schematic Environment

Preparing the Board Design for Manufacturing

 Generate and Edit Silkscreen layers

Use Reports available in PCB Editor

Setup the Design File for Artwork - Preview before plotting

Generate Drill Symbols and legend for fabrication drawing

Create check plots

Output a Drill file used for drilling the board holes in manufacturing



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