“We’re very optimistic about our future with the scalable OrCAD PSpice and Allegro PCB Designer tools"

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User Guides

Quick and easy user guides produced by Parallel Systems


OrCAD Capture
1  Annotate Multi section Parts in Capture 
2  Find and Replace in OrCAD Capture 
3 Intelligent PDF setup
4 Using Power Symbols, Off-page Connectors and Hierarchical Ports in OrCAD Capture 
5 Transferring Net Properties from OrCAD Capture to PCB Editor 
6 Protect Intellectual Property on a design
7 Viewing Datasheets and intelligent PDFs
8 Using OrCAD Capture User Assigned RefDes control 
9 Advanced Annotation
  OrCAD Capture CIS
10 Setup an Access ODBC Data Source for OrCAD Capture CIS 
11 Create a OrCAD Capture CIS DBC file that works for ICA properties 
12 Setup an Excel ODBC Data Source for OrCAD Capture CIS 
13 Viewing 3D Footprints in OrCAD Capture & displaying Symbols and Footprints in OrCAD Capture CIS 
14 Using Testbench with Capture CIS and PSpice 
15 Capture CIS Data Sources
 OrCAD PSpice
16 Use Spice Models in OrCAD PSpice from vendor models 
17 Creating Simulation Reports from PSpice AD
OrCAD / Allegro PCB Editor
18 Add SKILL routines to the PCB Editor Environment 
19 Create an alternative shaped pad/pin (Like a SOT89 Tab pin) 
20 Create and Using Colour View Files 
21 Create User Definable Columns in Constraint Manager 
22 Creating PCB Editor Net Classes from OrCAD Capture / OrCAD Capture CIS 
23 Define Blind and Buried Vias 
24 Use Design For Assembly 
25 Define padpath and psmpath settings 
26 Delay and Phase Tuning 
27 Differential Pairs in Allegro PCB Editor (Cadence App Note) 
28 Define Differential Pairs 
29 Define Differential Pairs Supplemental Notes. 
30 Dimension Environment 
31 Display padstacks, vias and clines as outlines 
32 Define a Double Sided Surface Mount Component 
33 DRC Marker Definitions for PCB Editor 
34 Import / export DXF files in PCB Editor 
35 Customize the PCB Editor Environment 
36 Where to access Footprints from the Internet 
37 Change Line Width Globally 
38 Rotate a Group in PCB Editor 
39 Define the Height in PCB Editor and OrCAD Capture CIS 
40 Matched Groups 
41 Mechanical Fixing Holes - Via Rings 
42 HDI Microvia Utilities 
43 Net Name Changes via ECO from Schematic 
44 Schedule Nets 
45 Short two or more nets in PCB Editor 
46 Manufacturing data (NC Drill, Gerber, IPC Netlist, ODB++) 
47 Create and Use a Parameter File 
48 Customize menus and define keyboard shortcuts in PCB Editor
49 PCB Editor Tips March 2010. 
50 Reverse Text in PCB Editor 
51 Define Shape Settings 
52 Create a Soldermask shape from an imported DXF File 
53 Symbols and their definitions in PCB Editor 
54 Define and Use Technology Files 
55 Translating an Existing OrCAD Layout Design to PCB Editor 
56 Translating an Existing OrCAD Layout Library for use with PCB Editor 
57 Create Via Arrays 
58 Via in Pad Rules 
59 Z-Copy to create other Shapes 
60 Design and Output Slots in PCB Editor 
61 Define a net specific Area in PCB Editor 
62 Define and use Alternative Footprints in PCB Editor
63 STEP 3D in PCB Editor
64 Constraint Modes in PCB Editor
65 Find Filter for Object Types
66 PCB Editor File Properties
67 NCDrill Legend Chart Customisation
68 Generate a Gencad Output From PCB Editor
69 User Defined Templates
70 Adding User Defined Properties
71 List of PCB Footprints Supplied with Cadence PCB Editor (LARGE FILE 22MB)
72 How to customise Workflows in PCB Editor
73 Defining constraints for a DDR memory in PCB Editor
Cadence Licensing and Installation
74 Cadence Licensing What is locked to what 
75 View the License Manager log file 
76 Install the USB Dongle Drivers 
77 Manually configuring the license manager 
78 Sharing Cadence Licenses from Windows Machines with Active Firewalls 
79 What is in the license file 
80 Where are the License Manager Tools 
81 Changing the Current Cadence License Server 
82 Download Allegro software and Licenses 
83 System Requirements recommended specs
84 Reset the license cache
85 Updating your Cadence Support Account
86 Accessing Service Packs from Cadence
Cadence Signal Integrity
87 Signal Integrity Overview