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OrCAD X - Unmatched capacity for designing

Welcome to an era of PCB design where your common commands are elevated, visibility into your design is increased, and your experience is streamlined. You have known all along what Cadence tools are capable of, and it is time to combine that potential with the relief of intuitive design.

On this page you can view lots of videos of the new OrCAD X platform and also request the free OrCAD X trial. 

With OrCAD X we have provided updates and improvements to create a more modern experience that new users expect, and engineers who have been with us for decades will greatly appreciate. A completely new layout environment, unmatched capacity for designing, and a vital, hybrid-cloud approach to team collaboration, component libraries, design reuse, and data management empowers engineers to design boldly.

OrCAD X - Artificial Intelligence

Collaborate with OrCAD X AI to improve your efficiency

Automated place and route technology improves the speed of layout dramatically, and can improve efficiency of the final design by optimizing routing and layers


Real-time dynamic updates for your design data and final documentation

Define the layout and content of your final documentation and manufacturing information early in the design cycle, use or create a template, and OrCAD X LiveDOC will dynamically update in real-time with any changes made to the parent design ensuring accurate and up to date information without time consuming rework.

OrCAD X - Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Ensure Design Manufacturability

Easily create and assign constraints for manufacturing based on IPC standards and common PCB rules.


OrCAD X - Constraint Engine

Allegro power meets OrCAD X familiarity

Use the trusted, entire Allegro constraint engine for the first time in OrCAD X to tackle any level of complexity in your designs.

OrCAD X - Always available snapping, grid controls

Built with intuitive visibility and access in mind

At-a-glance visibility and access for functions that you use frequently.

OrCAD X - Part Manager

Robust part creation and manager

Part manager makes sourcing, purchasing, and updating based on part availability easy. Additionally, it ensures that you can receive and give real-time updates to existing part libraries.

All Legacy Capabilities

Same OrCAD, but better

Nothing removed, only improved. All legacy functionality exists, with additions and enhancements to make your next project easier than ever.

OrCAD X Presto PCB Editor

New Layout Environment for OrCAD X

Design boldly with this new PCB layout environment fully compatible with the OrCAD PCB editor. Utilize the latest improvements in ease-of-use to reduce the clicks of your actions, access the power of the Allegro constraint engine to improve your performance, and make your team work as good as your design with enhancements like real-time 2-person Symphony co-design and live part updating.

OrCAD X Product Demonstration

OrCAD X is the next generation of PCB design, built to improve efficiency and streamline your design process.

Personalize, connect, design

Every engineer is operating at such variable scales of complexity these days, your design interface should not be part of that complexity. OrCAD X introduces personalization and flexibility to the UI along with increased visibility, automation, and cloud connectivity, allowing you to have clear focus on what matters… designing.

Comfort at every stage

The new OrCAD X is built with an optimal layout environment, tested rigorously to improve adoption, workflow, visibility, and to reduce unnecessary mouse travel and clicks. Minimize on-screen clutter and maximize your available screen real-estate, automate repetitive tasks, and complete your PCB design faster than ever.

Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

We have expanded the core of OrCAD X to include Allegro technology and our OnCloud structure. Cloud-enabled design means collaborative and intuitive; data management, project management, library management, and part creation. Brought to you through unified storage and access.

Watch the "top ten things you can do with OrCAD X" video interview and demo here

1:02   Circuit Replicate - Design Reuse OrCAD X

2:28   Via Arrays OrCAD X

3:24   New User Interface OrCAD X

7:02   Design Review Markup OrCAD X

10:20   Super Fast 3D engine OrCAD X

12:35   3D Flexi OrCAD X

15:10   3D DRC Design Rule Check OrCAD X

17:24   Dynamic Shapes OrCAD X

20:10   Live Doc OrCAD X

24:48   X AI Artificial intelligence OrCAD X

26:38   DRC Browsing OrCAD X

28:40   Export to Manufacturing OrCAD X


Please also view the PDF Presentation on what is new in OrCAD X and Allegro X here 


Standard X Professional X
Free Access to online libraries from Ultra Librarian, SnapEDA and Samacsys Free Access to online libraries from Ultra Librarian, SnapEDA and Samacsys
Cloud Access design and Library data Cloud Access design and Library data
Presto Interface Presto Interface
Capture CIS Capture CIS
Schematic and BOM variants manager (part not fitted and more) Schematic and BOM variants manager (part not fitted and more)
Part Manager Part Manager
Windows Compliant ODBC Database Windows Compliant ODBC Database
Interface to relational database Interface to relational database
Database query for Part Selection and parametric properties Database query for Part Selection and parametric properties
3D Constraint Manager collision Checks 3D Constraint Manager collision Checks
Full Constraint Manager including (diff pair, impedance, return path, prop delays, vias, scheduling, physical, spacing). Presto Interface only Full Constraint Manager including (diff pair, impedance, return path, prop delays, vias, scheduling, physical, spacing). Presto Interface only
Rigid Flex Design Rigid Flex Design
Design Review and Markup Design Review and Markup
3DX Canvas 3DX Canvas
Design True DFM (100+ DFM/DFA/DFT rules) Design True DFM (100+ DFM/DFA/DFT rules)
 Layer based Dynamic Shape control  Layer based Dynamic Shape control
 Region Rules  Region Rules
 Single Button Post Process  Single Button Post Process
LiveDoc LiveDoc
MCAD Imports including DXF, IDX and STEP. MCAD Imports including DXF, IDX and STEP.
MCAD Exports including  IDX and STEP. MCAD Exports including  IDX and STEP.
MCADX Interface (Solidworks ECAD-MCAD) MCADX Interface (Solidworks ECAD-MCAD)
Active Search Pane Active Search Pane
10Gb Cloud based storage 50Gb Cloud based storage
  Cloud Configuration capabilities to setup and share designs and libraries
  Cloud based 2 person Co-Op PCB environment “Symphony” *
  Delay Tune (length match)
  Phase Tune
  Live BOM

* Standard X user can join a Pro Symphony session with a cloud based token

xpresto walkthrough

What You Will Learn

  • Navigate the OrCAD X Presto design environment
  • Configure a board outline and stackup
  • Place components through multiple methods
  • Add copper planes and pours
  • Configure constraints
  • Route a design, including fanouts and vias
  • Analyze the design for errors with design rule checking
  • Analyze the design in 3D
  • Quickly create manufacturing documentation
  • Export a manufacturing package
  • Efficiently collaborate with design review and markup

Course Summary

In this walk-through, you will learn the fundamentals of OrCAD X Presto by creating a PCB design. OrCAD X Presto is a new PCB layout environment designed to improve efficiency and streamline your PCB design process. Throughout this walk-through you will design a board and learn the necessary steps to efficiently complete a PCB design in OrCAD X Presto. This walk-through is comprised of video demonstrations, step-by-step instructions, and quizzes for you to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of designing with OrCAD X Presto.

Download the Free OrCAD X Trial - a fully functional license for 15 days 

experience the powerful - easy to use OrCAD X Platform today

Engineers can maximize design performance, yield, cost-effectiveness, and reliability with PSpice Advanced Analysis used in conjunction with core PSpice. PSpice Advanced Analysis addresses engineers' concerns about testing designs to meet real environmental constraints. Now, engineers will know how their designs perform with manufacturing tolerance variations, external temperature, operational range, and aging components. Engineers can test components when they are stressed—know how designs perform in the field, whether there are any critical sensitivities, and what might fail during manufacturing.


OrCAD Professional Plus also includes PSpice Advanced Option, so now engineers can:

  • Improve design quality and productivity with automatic performance optimization algorithms
  • Find optimum combinations of component values, automatically simulate, evaluate results, and adjust component values to reach performance requirements
  • Retarget existing designs with new goals without modifying the layout
  • Go beyond debugging waveforms— optimize design, improve design reliability and manufacturing yield, and reduce the cost of components
  • Improved accuracy with tight integration to schematic tools


OrCAD Professional Plus also includes PSpice Systems Option, so now engineers can:

  • Perform system-level simulation powered by PSpice and MathWorks Simulink
  • Cadence PSpice MATLAB Simulink Interface combines two industry-leading simulation tools to create an environment for electro-mechanical system simulation

OrCAD Professional Plus also includes PSpice System Analysis, so now engineers can:

  • Co-simulate Simulink and PSpice together for complete system simulation
  • View PSpice simulation results in MATLAB
  • Use MATLAB functions directly in measurement expressions within PSpice
  • Export behavioral models from Simulink to PSpice using Cadence’s Device Modeling Interface (DMI)