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OrCAD EE Designer (Capture + PSpice AD) 

OrCAD EE Designer Plus (Capture + PSpice AD + PSpice AA)  

OrCAD SLPS Option (interface inbetween MATLAB Simulink and PSpice)

Floating License

Includes 12 months maintenance

Includes free online training for OrCAD PSpice and OrCAD Capture

Includes 30,000+ free PSpice Models

 PSpice provides the following Benefits:

  • PSpice provides fast, intuitive schematic editing

  • PSpice boosts schematic editing efficiency through design reuse

  • PSpice automates the integration of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and programmable logic devices (PLDs)

  • PSpice makes changes quickly through a single spreadsheet editor

  • PSpice imports and exports every commonly used design file format

  • PSpice offers Faster simulation times, higher reliability, and better convergence on larger designs

  • PSpice explores design relationships with what if scenarios before committing to hardware

  • PSpice explores circuit behavior using basic DC, AC, noise, and transient analyses

  • PSpice offers library selection of more than 30,000 analog and mixed-signal models

Here we have free tutorial videos covering OrCAD Capture and PSpice AD

PSpice has more vendor contributed libraries and models than any other spice tool on the market.

Vendor   Description
Advanced Linear Devices   PSpice Library of op-amps
Advanced Linear Devices   PSpice Op-amp Capture symbols
Analog Devices Inc.   PSpice Library of op-amps, transistor arrays, analog aultipliers, buffer, switches, voltage references
Analog Devices Inc.   PSpice Op-amp, transistor array, analog aultiplier, buffer, switch, voltage reference Capture symbols
Apex Microtechnology Corp.   PSpice Library of power op-amps
Apex Microtechnology Corp.   PSpice Power op-amp Capture symbols
Burr-Brown Corp.   PSpice Library of op-amps
Burr-Brown Corp.   PSpice Op-amp Capture symbols
California Eastern Laboratories   PSpice Library of CEL/NEC RF devices
California Eastern Laboratories   PSpice CEL/NEC RF device Capture symbols
Comlinear   PSpice Library of op-amps
Comlinear   PSpice Op-amp Capture symbols
Coilcraft, Inc   PSpice Coilcraft RF Inductor PSpice models
Coilcraft, Inc   PSpice Coilcraft RF Inductor Capture Symbols
Elantec Inc.   PSpice Library of op-amps, transistor arrays
Elantec Inc.   PSpice Op-amp, transistor array Capture symbols
Epcos   PSpice Library of varsistors(MOV), inductors and NTC thermistors
Epcos   PSpice Varsistor(MOV), inductor and NTC thermistor Capture symbols
Fairchild   PSpice Library of power MOSFETs
Fairchild   PSpice Power MOSFET Capture symbols
F. W. Bell   PSpice Library of generator models
F. W. Bell   PSpice Generator model Capture symbols
Harris Semiconductor   PSpice Library of op-amps, transistor arrays, power MOSFETs, MCTs, half-bridge drivers
Harris Semiconductor   PSpice Op-amp, transistor array, power MOSFET, MCT, half-bridge driver Capture symbols
Infineon   PSpice Library of semiconductors
Infineon   PSpice Semiconductor Capture symbols
IXYS   PSpice Library of IGBTs and power MOSFETs
IXYS   PSpice IGBT and power MOSFET Capture symbols
Linear Technology Corp.   PSpice Library of op-amps
Linear Technology Corp.   PSpice Op-amp Capture symbols
Maxim Integrated Circuits   PSpice Library of op-amps and comparators
Maxim Integrated Circuits   PSpice Op-amp and comparator Capture symbols
Motorola   PSpice Library of RF bipolar transistors
Motorola   PSpice RF bipolar transistor Capture symbols
Motorola   PSpice Library of pressure sensors
Motorola   PSpice Pressure sensor Capture symbols
National Semiconductor   PSpice Library of op-amps
National Semiconductor   PSpice Op-amp Capture symbols
NEC   PSpice Library of power MOSFETs
NEC   PSpice Power MOSFET Symbols
ON Semiconductor   PSpice Library of op-amps
ON Semiconductor   PSpice Op-amp Capture symbols
ON Semiconductor   PSpice Library of BJTs
ON Semiconductor   PSpice BJT Capture symbols
ON Semiconductor   PSpice Library of diodes
ON Semiconductor   PSpice Diode Capture symbols
ON Semiconductor   PSpice Library of power MOSFETs
ON Semiconductor   PSpice Power MOSFET Capture symbols
ON Semiconductor   PSpice Library of PWMs
ON Semiconductor   PSpice PWM Capture symbols
Philips   PSpice Library of small signal transistors
Philips   PSpice Small signal transistor Capture symbols
Philips   PSpice Library of field effect transistors
Philips   PSpice Field effect transistor Capture symbols
Philips   PSpice Library of RF bipolar transistors
Philips   PSpice RF bipolar transistor Capture symbols
Polyfet RF Devices   PSpice Library of RF device MOSFETs
Polyfet RF Devices   PSpice RF device MOSFETs Capture symbols
Shindengen   PSpice Library of diodes and diode bridges
Shindengen   PSpice Diode and diode bridge Capture symbols
Texas Instruments   PSpice Library of op-amps, voltage comparators
Texas Instruments   PSpice Op-amp and voltage comparator Capture symbols
    PSpice Library of PLC Diodes, BJTs, Darlingtons and MOSFETs
Zetex Inc.   PSpice PLC Diode, BJT, Darlington and MOSFET Capture symbols

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PSpice models

PSpice® application engineers have scoured the web for vendor models. 

  • STMicroelectronics Simulation Models: Amplifier and Comparators ICs, Diodes, Memories, Thyristors and AC Switches, Transistors.
  • Microchip Technology, Microchip, op-amps, mosfets
  • Comlinear (now National) SPICE Macromodels: Buffers, Op-amps (BJTs, FET), Op-amp (CMOS)
  • Infineon Technologies AG (formerly Siemens): Mosfets, Diodes, IGBTs, MOVs, Inductors
  • Intersil Corporation (formerly Harris Semiconductor): Intelligent Power, Analog Signal Processing, Microcontroller Development, Digital Signal Processing
  • International Rectifier-PSpice Models: Power Mosfets, Rectifiers, IGBTs, Hexfreds, Schottky diodes
  • Maxim: Buffers, Op-amps (BJTs, FET), Op-amp (CMOS)
  • PolyFet PSpice Models: RF Power Mosfets
  • Shindengen Semiconductor: Diodes and Diode Bridges
  • Zetex Semiconductors PSpice Models: BJTs, Power BJTs, Darlington BJTs, Diodes, Power Mosfets. On the website, choose 'Product' on the top navigation menu, and then choose 'Applications' and 'Spice Models' from the left navigatio menu

Other useful sites:

  • Microchip Op- Amp spice Macro Models-Application note
  • Microchip's Power MOSFET Driver Simulation Models
  • Using Texas Instruments SPICE Models in PSpice

PSpice Advanced Analysis (found in the EE Designer Plus) contains the following extra features

Sensitivity: Identifies critical circuit components

Optimizer: Optimizes key circuit

Monte Carlo: Statistical circuit behaviour and yield multiple measurements VIDEO

Smoke: Detects component stress VIDEO

Parametric Plotter: Examine solution through nested sweeps

Optimize Circuits through Curve or Parameter Fit VIDEO


Cadence Tutorial Videos

VIDEO Floating Networked License
VIDEO 12 Months Maintenance Support Included In Purchase Price
VIDEO Graphical, flat and hierarchical page editor and Picture block hierarchy
VIDEO OrCAD Capture Market place for Apps, Models, Symbols and more
VIDEO Net Groups - Complex bus definition
VIDEO Intelligent PDF creation
VIDEO AutoWire
VIDEO 44,000 Schematic symbols
VIDEO 3D Footprint Viewer
VIDEO Coloured Components / nets
VIDEO Tcl TK scripting support 
VIDEO Online design rule check including custom DRC capability and Waive DRC
VIDEO Forward and back-annotation of properties / pin-and-gate swaps 
VIDEO Schematic Part and Library editor
VIDEO Cross-probing and cross-placing
VIDEO FPGA design-in / pin import & export 
VIDEO Multiple PCB netlist interfaces 
VIDEO SI Topology creation
VIDEO Digi-Key (PartLink App) Component Parametric data directly from web
VIDEO Property editor for pins, components, nets
VIDEO Component Information System
VIDEO Windows ODBC compatible format
VIDEO Interface to relational database and management systems 
VIDEO Database query for part selection and parametric properties
VIDEO Schematic and BOM Variants Manager (Parts not Fitted and more).
VIDEO over 2,000,000 schematic parts ready to place
VIDEO CIS Database Management Interface (access control and more)
VIDEO Physical, Spacing, Same net, Netclass and Class to Class rules
VIDEO DFM Pad Entry / Exit Rules  
VIDEO Interactive Routing using Working Layer (layer selection popup)
VIDEO Multiple placement options, manual, quickplace, auto and room
VIDEO Placement directly from schematic, individually or window select
VIDEO Dynamic Shapes  (dynamic copper pours) Plow and Heal
VIDEO Snake Routing for Hex pattern ICs
VIDEO Push, Shove and Hug interactive editing  
VIDEO Embedded net names
VIDEO Curve Routing
VIDEO Auto Finish (Route Completion Tool)
VIDEO Through Board Transparency (OpenGL)
VIDEO Multi‐line routing  (Group Routing)
VIDEO Fan‐out generators
VIDEO Flip Board
VIDEO Dynamic pad suppression / Unused Pad removal  
VIDEO STEP 3D In/Out - IDF 3.0 In/Out - DXF In/Out 
VIDEO STEP 3D viewer for selected item or complete PCB.
VIDEO MCAD/ECAD Incremental design data exchange (IDX)  
VIDEO Excellon NC Drill File export
VIDEO Gerber 274X, 274D artwork Output  
VIDEO IPC2581 Import / Export
VIDEO Mentor® ODB++ and universal viewer  
VIDEO DFM Checks including soldermask, solderpaste and more
VIDEO Dynamic rat suppression
VIDEO Move with autoroute adjust (Slide)
VIDEO Route cleanup, optimization (Glossing)  
VIDEO Cross Section Editor
VIDEO  Impedance Calculator
VIDEO Interactive / Automatic Silkscreen generation  
VIDEO Single Click multiple via instantiation  
VIDEO  Manual Design For Test (DFT) / Test Prep  
VIDEO Component Height DRC
VIDEO Aligment x and y for components and modules
VIDEO Associative Dimensioning  
VIDEO CAD Translators - Import PADS, PCAD, OrCAD Layout
VIDEO Shape based curve fillet support, tapered traces
VIDEO Placement replication, template based design reuse  
VIDEO Differential Pairs Physical rules and routing  
VIDEO Constraint Regions, region based rules (Rigid‐Flex; BGA regions) 
VIDEO Total Etch Length - Max/Min Length
VIDEO Interactive Delay Tuning  
VIDEO Automatic Design For Test (DFT) / Test Prep  
VIDEO CAD Translators - Import Mentor® Boardstation
VIDEO Max Via Count rules
VIDEO Dynamic Heads‐up Display for critical rules  
VIDEO Dynamic DFA rules based interactive placement
VIDEO Differential Pair Static Phase Control rules  
VIDEO Offset Routing
VIDEO Layer set rules
VIDEO Extended (X)net rules
VIDEO Propagation delay rules (Min/Max, Relative) for nets or groups
VIDEO Pin Pair rules 
VIDEO Net Scheduling, T‐Point rules (pin to T‐point), T-Point definition
VIDEO Via array / Shielding - Shape and Trace based
VIDEO Design planning ‐ Create hierarchical Bundles 
VIDEO Design planning ‐ Create, Edit Flows
VIDEO Design planning ‐ Assign Flows to Layers 
VIDEO Dynamic Shape based curve fillet support, tapered traces
VIDEO Split View
VIDEO Group route via pattern
VIDEO Design Planning ‐ Plan Spatial Feasibility analysis & feedback 
VIDEO Design Planning ‐ Generate Topological Plan 
VIDEO Design Planning ‐ Convert Topological plan to traces (CLINES)  
VIDEO Auto Interactive Break-out (AiBT)
VIDEO Auto Interactive Delay Tune (AiDT)
VIDEO Auto Interactive Phase Tune (AiPT)
VIDEO Remove Tuning
VIDEO Timing Vision (Coloured tracks based on constraint adherence)
VIDEO Electrical Constraint rule set (ECSets) / Topology Apply  
VIDEO Electrical rules (Reflection, Timing, Crosstalk) 
VIDEO Package Pin Delay (for die‐2‐die delay) rules  
VIDEO Dynamic Differential Pair Phase Control rules  
VIDEO Z‐Axis delay feedback  
VIDEO Advanced Constraints (formulas, relational)  
VIDEO Backdrilling  
VIDEO Segment over void detection  
VIDEO Spread lines between voids  
VIDEO Constraint Manager: HDI rule set
VIDEO Micro-via and associated spacing, stacking and via-in-pad rules
VIDEO Constraint driven HDI design flow
VIDEO HDI micro-via stack editing
VIDEO Line Fattening
VIDEO Hug Contour routing (Flex)  
VIDEO Manufacturing rule support for embedding components  
VIDEO Embed components on inner layers
VIDEO Support for Cavities on inner layers  
VIDEO Support for Vertically placed components on inner layers
VIDEO Dual Side Contact Embedded Components
VIDEO Concurrent Team Design ‐ Layer by Layer
VIDEO Concurrent Team Design ‐ Functional block partitioning
VIDEO Concurrent Team Design ‐ Team design dashboard
VIDEO Concurrent Team Design ‐ Soft boundaries
VIDEO Concurrent Team Design - Constraint Editing and Netclasses per Partition
VIDEO Bias Point, DC sweep, AC sweep & transient analysis (with Temperature)
VIDEO Parametric Analysis
VIDEO Learning PSpice Free Templates
VIDEO Monte Carlo: Statistical circuit behaviour and yield (Worst Case)
VIDEO Smoke: Detects component stress 
VIDEO Example Design Simple Circuit 1
VIDEO Example Design Simple Circuit 2
VIDEO Example Design Simple Circuit 3
VIDEO Example Design Simple Circuit 4
VIDEO Example Design Simple Circuit 5
VIDEO Example Design Simple Circuit 6
VIDEO Example Design Simple Circuit 7
VIDEO Pre- & Post-route signal integrity analysis