OrCAD PSpice AD Classroom Course Agenda

Based at Parallel Systems UK

3 Day - OrCAD PSpice AD Course Agenda


Building a design for simulation


Setting up and running DC bias point analysis


Setting up and running DC and AC sweep analysis


Viewing simulation results in the probe window


Setting up sources and using markers


Creating and simulating a text netlist


Accessing the stimulus editor


Running transient analysis


Working with local and global libraries


Examining common simulation errors


Creating linear and non-linear transformers


Setting up and running parametric analysis


Creating a subcircuit


Creating parts for simulation models


Performing temperature analysis


Configuring and running Monte Carlo analysis


Simulating with hierarchical blocks and symbols


Simulating using analog behavioural modeling


Using digital components in a design


Combining analog and digital components in designs


Using performance analysis and creating measurements


Setting up and running worst case analysis


Setting up and running noise analysis


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