"Designed with OrCAD of course!"

Ryan Dunwoody - Pi-Top

“With Allegro TimingVision, the routing process has sped up dramatically, from four weeks, down to four days,”

Bill Munroe - Cavium

Designed with Cadence.
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“We’re very optimistic about our future with the scalable OrCAD PSpice and Allegro PCB Designer tools"

The Cadence solution reduces our PCB development time by 80 percent

- Gisbert Thomke, Group Leader, IBM R&D Lab

Designed with Cadence OrCAD and Allegro since 2003

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OrCAD PSpice AD AA Simulation

Advanced circuit simulation and analysis for analog and mixed-signal circuits

OrCAD PSpice & Advanced Analysis technology, combines industry-leading, native analog, mixed-signal, and analysis engines

Powerful Simulation

Analyze, and optimize critical circuits and components using powerful OrCAD PSpice technologies with native analog, mixed-signal, and analysis engines

Circuit Optimization

Maximize circuit performance, yield, and reliability with temperature and stress analysis, worst-case analysis, Monte Carlo analysis, and performance optimization analysis

Unparalleled Waveform Viewing and Analysis

Dive deep into simulation results with powerful waveform viewing, analysis, and post-processing expression support without having to rerun simulations

Enhanced Capabilities

Go beyond general circuit simulation with event-driven simulation, checkpoint restart, advanced-convergence, and curve fitting capabilities

Extensive Model Support

Get to simulation faster with more than 33,000 simulation-ready analog and mixed-signal devices, mathematical functions, and behavioral modeling

Open Architecture Platform

Custom tailor your PSpice environment to enhance and extend it with the ability to create custom features, solutions, and flows

"Whether you’re prototyping simple circuits, designing complex systems, or validating component yield and reliability, OrCAD PSpice technology provides the best, high-performance circuit simulation to analyze and refine your circuits, components, and parameters before committing to layout and fabrication"


The powerful waveform analysis capability of PSpice gets another boost by enabling simulation results exporting to MATLAB. Now PSpice users have complete and seamless access to MATLAB plotting capabilities, can view PSpice simulation results in MATLAB, and can customize waveform processing on export. 

VIDEOOrCAD PSpice AD Lite (up to 75 nodes)
VIDEOBias Point, DC sweep, AC sweep & transient analysis (with Temperature)
VIDEOParametric Analysis
VIDEOLearning PSpice Free Templates
 Analog behavioural modelling 
 Stimulus editor 
 Model Editor for device characterization 
 Interactive waveform viewer & analyzer
 IBIS / DML model support 
VIDEOMonte Carlo: Statistical circuit behaviour and yield (Worst Case)
 Bias point voltages, currents and power display on schematic
 Sensitivity: Identifies critical circuit components 
 Optimizer: Optimizes key circuit components 
 Monte Carlo: Statistical circuit behaviour and yield multiple measurements
VIDEOSmoke: Detects component stress 
 Parametric Plotter: Examine solution through nested sweeps
 Optimize Circuits through Curve or Parameter Fit
VIDEOExample Design Simple Circuit 1
VIDEOExample Design Simple Circuit 2
VIDEOExample Design Simple Circuit 3
VIDEOExample Design Simple Circuit 4
VIDEOExample Design Simple Circuit 5
VIDEOExample Design Simple Circuit 6
VIDEOExample Design Simple Circuit 7

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