The latest version of OrCAD improves your design experience and productivity. This release provides a host of new capabilities and enhancements you need to see.

10 reasons to upgrade to OrCAD 17.4

1     Front to Back Integrated Constraint Manager

One GUI, one way to interact with Constraint Manager. Whether you are working with schematics or layout there is no translation of constraints, constraint driven floor planning, placement and interactive routing.

2     Online DRCs

Real-time error and warning notifications help you fix errors as they happen. Get notifications as you design in the software.

3     Integrated Part Search Capability

Get access to millions of electronics parts and CAD models from your desktop. Search one or more content providers (Ultralibrarian, SamacSys etc.) with the ability to directly place Symbols, Footprints, and 3D models.

4     Optimized & Simplified Design Sync

Push and pull changes from schematic to layout. You can review and accept or reject changes in real time with no need to close a canvas.

5     PSpice Basic Now Included

OrCAD PCB Designer Standard and OrCAD PCB Designer Professional now includes PSpice. Integrated SPECCTRA 6 Layer Autorouter is also included in this latest version of OrCAD.

6     Smoke Analysis in PSpice

PSpice Designer now includes Smoke Analysis to improve design reliability and reduce the number of prototypes.

7     Completely Revamped Workspace

Modern look and feel to give you an optimized PCB workflow. Fully customizable toolbars and menus allow for a consistent user experience across the tools.

8     Improved 3D Interactive Canvas

Completely new 3D graphics engine for improved performance. 3D to 2D communication with real time updates and collision detection.

9     In-design DFM

Catch manufacturing errors during layout with In-Design DFM. Over 200 checks in OrCAD ensures manufacturability and eliminates unnecessary iterations, restoring predictability to the design process.

10     Concept of Visions

Visions in OrCAD shorten time required to identity and fix high-speed signals. Get real-time visual feedback by using Visions; Impedance, Coupling, Routing, Placement, and DFM.

Here we explore the various features of the Cadence PCB Suites and Options

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