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comprehensive online component and reference design data



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OrCAD Capture users now have access to comprehensive online component and reference design data available through Arrow (SiliconExpert) from within OrCAD Capture, so that you can deliver your innovative design to market faster with the right parts.

Get access to 12,000 SiliconExpert Reference Designs

inside OrCAD Capture


OrCAD  Capture users now can have an easy access to thousands of reference designs available through SiliconExpert inside OrCAD  Capture.


They are now able to search reference design materials without leaving the OrCAD  Capture environment and open the reference inside OrCAD  Capture to accelerate the PCB design process and shorten the time it takes to achieve production ready designs. 


Figure 1: Cypress Reference Design Download into OrCAD Capture

How to Access

Access to this library is available directly inside OrCAD Capture. All you need to do is open the OrCAD Start Page and click reference designs.



From there, users can choose a design to meet their needs and have it automatically transferred into the schematic editor.

Try it today!

This capability is available now for OrCAD users with the following versions:
- 16.6-S072 or Above
- 17.2-S002 or Above (available in OrCAD 17.2 Lite as well)

Download OrCAD 17.2-2016 Lite to try it today. 

“Arrow is excited to collaborate with Cadence to better serve our customers. This strategic collaboration with Cadence is another example of how Arrow is driving innovation forward for the designers, engineers, makers and innovators we support.” 

Cathy Morris, chief strategy officer for Arrow Electronics