The automotive industry is working toward autonomous driving vehicles. As a result, future cars will be equipped with sensor clusters, more computing power, car-to-car and in-vehicle communication technology, high-bandwidth Ethernet networks, and multiple high-definition displays.


These changes create new design challenges for automotive suppliers, such as more complex electronic systems, functional safety, lack of space, reduction of power and weight (emissions), and cost constraints.


These additional challenges will push suppliers to integrate much more functionality on a chip, rather than on a PCB. As a result, suppliers will need: High-performance processors for ADAS solutions Complete automotive Ethernet IP portfolio Extensive software ecosystem for infotainment, such as via Cadence® Tensilica® HiFi cores A new class of SoCs and SiPs enabled by Cadence design IP and packaging technology Automated functional safety solution Cadence's automotive design and verification solutions can help you deliver applications than can make cars safer and more reliable.


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