OrCAD Capture Training Agenda

User friendly online training course

Capture Online Course Agenda


Trainees will be provided with 60 days access to the online training course material


Session 1: Getting Started with OrCAD Capture (CIS)


Session 2: OrCAD Capture Preferences


Session 3: OrCAD Library Basics


Session 4: Homogeneous Library Parts


Session 5: Heterogeneous Library Parts


Session 6: Library Parts from a Spreadsheet


Session 7: Library Symbols


Session 8: Making a New Project


Session 9: Processing a Schematic Design


Session 10: Building a Multi-sheet Design


Session 11: Processing a Multi-sheet Design


Session 12: Other Tools in OrCAD Capture


Session 13: Editing Properties


Session 14: Building an Hierarchical Design


Session 15: Creating an Hierarchical Block


Session 16: Processing a Hierarchical Design


Session 17: Preparing the Schematic for PCB Editor (Allegro)

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