Express Microtrax

Microtrax Designs Ltd are a business unit within the Express Circuits Group of Companies. We believe we are the only company within the UK that can design, manufacture, and assemble the very latest complex PCBs in house.

This philosophy is becoming increasingly important as modern PCB designs are driven by a number of very specific requirements, notably those rules that are associated with high speed and RF design. Circuit densities then dictate the need for multiple laminations which can employ stacked, offset, resin or copper filled via in Pad technologies.  High data rates require increased frequencies and matched impedances all of which require careful planning by both the engineer and the PCB Fab house.

Together our Pcb layout and technical teams team have the knowledge and experience to manage these problems in house. Signal Integrity, power distribution, the reduction of noise, reflection and crosstalk can be mitigated through good layout practice, but the problems associated with manufacturing these designs require the kind of experience only gained through actually manufacturing these designs. There are so many trade- offs to consider when creating a PCB build/stack up and a set of workable DFM rules. For example, why does the proximity of RF stitching vias differ when resin filling? If a routing strategy creates a high- density plating or low-pressure bonding area, how is this managed?  Which materials can be used in  hybrid constructions and which are best when your high-speed design is also expected to operate in a hazardous environment? We know the answers because we have to manufacture our designs and hence the claim that “Whatever we can design, we can manufacture, whatever we can manufacture we can assemble.

Our customer base is large and diverse and the requirements of our many clients and their projects vary greatly. Some are designing relatively simple products, other’s systems that are expected to operate at the pinnacle of automotive performance or even fly to the moon. Some are solving problems to benefit mankind via miniaturised medical solutions, others the next generation of ICs .

It is up to you which of our services you use but for those requiring the total service then there is no convoluted supply chain or vested interest to manage , you only need to raise and administrate the one  purchase order.  So, whether you simply require the provision of extra bandwidth or wish us to provide the final deliverable as a fully assembled PCB then you are right to expect a service that is focused on your project, your deadlines and your standards. Should you wish to discuss your specific projects requirements in greater detail then please do not hesitate to contact us at