OrCAD PSpice AD Online Training Course Agenda

User friendly online training course

PSpice AD Online Training Course Agenda


Trainees get 60 days access to the online training course material


Session 1: Building a Design for Simulation


Session 2: DC Bias Point Analysis


Session 3: DC Sweep Analysis


Session 4: AC Sweep Analysis


Session 5: Simulating a Text Netlist


Session 6: Transient Analysis


Session 7: The Simulation Process


Session 8: Transformers


Session 9: Parametric Analysis


Session 10: Editing a Model


Session 11: Adding New Parts


Session 12: Temperature Analysis


Session 13: Monte Carlo Analysis


Session 14: Hierarchical Blocks and Symbols


Session 15: Analog Behavioural Modelling


Session 16: Simulating Digital Circuits


Session 17: Mixed Analog and Digital


Session 18: Measurements


Session 19: Worst Case Analysis


Session 20: Noise Analysis


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