Cadence® Allegro® Pulse Key Benefits

  • With Cadence Allegro Pulse You can predict, assess, and mitigate risk with a complete and accurate picture of design status, forecast completion, and costs
  • Integrated design specifications and status in your design environment and corporate systems
  • Shorten design cycles and meet project timeline goals

Any time spent away from the design in meetings or documenting issues threatens to jeopardize your entire project. Design reviews are essential but gathering insights about a design project and analyzing them is a tedious and manual process for you and your engineers.


Cadence® Allegro® Pulse provides a single unified platform for all your design analysis. Near-real-time metric collection, issue tracking, and preferred parts and IP management for work-in-progress design data helps your team to meet or exceed cost and time goals.

Allegro Pulse analyzes your work-in-progress designs in near real-time so all members of the project team have the insights they need to ensure a successful project. Easily track milestones and goals to ensure everything is moving ahead smoothly. Metrics are compiled in dashboards on a per-project and per-user basis. If there are any problems, you’ll know about them before they become a major crisis. Allegro Pulse will help you track those issues, too, so you can ensure they’re addressed completely. Control costs early in the design process, without compromising on functionality or manufacturability, by pre-defining your preferred parts list for projects and know instantly if utilization is out-of-scope with the project requirements.

Allegro Pulse dashboard provides direct insights into the status of your projects ensuring cost, parts compliance, and schedule targets are met


Allegro Pulse integrates directly with the Allegro design environment and external systems like ERP to provide the information designers need in an easy-to-use format in the context that matters. They’ll spend less time monitoring multiple systems, less time in meetings, and more time designing. Extended members of the project team can view up-to-date information in the browser instead of emailing your team.


  • Project data integrated in the design environment
  • Automatically gather and generate project metrics
  • Aggregate project and user metrics and KPIs into customizable dashboards
  • Log and track issues inside of the Allegro design environment or in the Allegro Pulse platform
  • Display issues in a dashboard
  • Manage and distribute strategic parts list to the entire team
  • Analyze parts usage to find non-SPL parts in your designs
  • Facilitate easy design IP reuse through a single, searchable, shared storage location
  • Discussion platform to take conversations out of email and into the project management platform
  • Store document in the project in the same platform
  • Integrate directly with the Allegro design environment, your ERP, and other non-electrical CAD systems
  • Browser-based access for non-engineers