Download the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, in Cadence OrCAD and Allegro format

Raspberry Pi

Designed using Cadence



Everyone loves the Raspberry Pi and since 2013 the charity has used Cadence to design their award winning computers.


The design files are the Cadence OrCAD schematic file, Cadence Allegro PCB file and the full board Gerbers, bill of materials (BOM) and PDF version of the schematic. People should be able to take the design and easily modify it, or just take the Gerber files and create copies of the board if that’s what they want to do.


As a bonus Raspberry Pi are also releasing the full CAD for the Camera and Display adaptors as well.


These design files can be found here and are released under a modified BSD licence (the licence is included in the zip with the design files).


Note that the only difference from the official Raspberry Pi Compute Module IO Board is that this publicly released one does not (and cannot, without permission from Raspberry Pi) have the Raspberry Pi logo on it. We have also removed the CE and FCC compliance logos, as again this is something board manufacturers are responsible for: you must perform your own certification for any clones or derivatives of this board.