Short Term Rental OrCAD Cube

Great news, OrCAD and Allegro products are now available as short-term rentals (minimum one month); this will allow you to increase licenses over a short period for bottlenecks or add extra functionality (like simulation, high-speed routing, etc.) as and when required. For example, an existing Standard user can now rent Professional for 3 months to reduce design time or obtain higher level features.


  • Always the latest version license
  • Supports previous versions if installed
  • Full maintenance support for the period of rental
  • Boost your teams performance for short time periods
  • Jump to the next performance level at minimum cost 
  • Floating license


View a detailed comparison of all the levels here 


Parallel Systems also provides OrCAD and Allegro online training courses. Boost your team's productivity and order today.

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Please feel free to contact us for short-term rental pricing.

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Short Term Rental OrCAD Switch