“With Allegro TimingVision, the routing process has sped up dramatically, from four weeks, down to four days,”

Bill Munroe - Cavium


Designed with Cadence.
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“We’re very optimistic about our future with the scalable OrCAD PSpice and Allegro PCB Designer tools"


The Cadence solution reduces our PCB development time by 80 percent

- Gisbert Thomke, Group Leader, IBM R&D Lab

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Sigrity ERC

Sign off with confidence

OrCAD Sigrity ERC

Fully Integrated With OrCAD PCB

Locate signal quality issues, make changes within the OrCAD PCB Editor canvas by cross-probing between ERC and layout

Easy Setup

Easily set up and run an ERC analysis of your design without having to provide any simulation models or be a signal integrity expert

ERC For PCB Designers

Identify signal issues that geometry-based DRCs miss by conducting trace coupling check, trace impedance check, net coupling check, and more

Comprehensive Results Tables

Address critical signal quality issues easily with actionable results provided by comprehensive, clear graphical results tables.

Advanced Signal Quality Checking

Evaluate impact of electrical rule check violations and investigate tradeoffs with advanced time-domain simulation-based rule checks (SRCs)

Future Proof Scalability

Maximize your investment knowing the design technologies and products can grow with your future evolving technology challenges.

What is OrCAD Sigrity ERC?

OrCAD® Sigrity™ Electrical Rules Check (ERC) enables PCB designers to screen a PCB design for signal quality without having to assign any simulation models or to be a signal integrity expert.

OrCAD Sigrity ERC Impedance and Couplings

Boards are too complex for old SI rules of thumb, and deadlines are too tight to get help from an SI expert. And finding the budget for an extra board s pin to measure signals manually may not be feasible.

With OrCAD Analysis Workflows, we can find and fix SI issues on our own. Having the Sigrity Engine integrated into OrCAD, we quickly and easily identify and resolve signal integrity problems.

OrCAD Sigrity ERC Introduction Video

watch this 5 miutes video to learn how you can benefit from OrCAD Sigrity ERC during your PCB design, without setting up complicated and costly signal integrity simulations.