“With Allegro TimingVision, the routing process has sped up dramatically, from four weeks, down to four days,”

Bill Munroe - Cavium


Designed with Cadence.
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“We’re very optimistic about our future with the scalable OrCAD PSpice and Allegro PCB Designer tools"


The Cadence solution reduces our PCB development time by 80 percent

- Gisbert Thomke, Group Leader, IBM R&D Lab

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Sigrity Power DC

Sign off with confidence

Sigrity PowerDC technology provides comprehensive DC analysis for today's low-voltage, high-current PCB and IC package designs. It is available with integrated thermal analysis to enable electrical and thermal co-simulation. Using PowerDC, you can assess critical end-to-end voltage margins for every device to ensure reliable power delivery. PowerDC quickly identifies areas of excess current density and thermal hotspots to reduce risk of field failure.










Unique features include sense line location optimization and the fastest available analysis of detailed structures to maximize performance and throughput. PowerDC is highly automated with a streamlined checklist workflow. Visualization options and design rule checks (DRCs) enable rapid design improvements.

  • Pinpoints IR drop and voltage distribution issues
  • Automatically identifies preferred voltage regulator module (VRM) sense line locations
  • Locates current hotspots that can lead to reliability problems
  • Identifies difficult-to-locate highly resistive routing neck-downs and finds the one via among thousands that will fail under stress
  • Co-simulates electrical and thermal performance to identify interrelated voltage and temperature impacts
  • Determines if it is possible to reduce plane layers without adding DC or thermal reliability risk
  • Assesses multi-structure PCB and package designs along with chip-level information
  • Considers what-if improvement options with a unique block-diagram results view, a range of visualization options, and interactive geometry editing
  • Easy-to-deploy workflow that is ideal for occasional users and experts alike
  • The industry’s only electrical/thermal co-simulation environment to enable rapid assessment of the thresholds for both with unparalleled accuracy
  • Fastest available DC and thermal runtimes, even for large designs that include both package and PCB data
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-confirm DC and thermal design-rule validation
  • Patented automation to pinpoint the best remote sense line location, providing results 10-20% better than alternative reasonable locations
  • Highly accurate, even for complex designs with multiple voltage domains and complex plane structures
  • Comprehensive support for multi-structure designs including stacked die, multiple boards, and all popular package types
  • Optimized for flows with Cadence® SiP Layout, Allegro® Package Designer, and Allegro PCB Designer
  • Readily used in Mentor, Zuken, and Altium flows, accepting a mix of CAD databases where needed for multi-structure design support