"Designed with OrCAD of course!"

Ryan Dunwoody - Pi-Top

“With Allegro TimingVision, the routing process has sped up dramatically, from four weeks, down to four days,”

Bill Munroe - Cavium

Designed with Cadence.
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“We’re very optimistic about our future with the scalable OrCAD PSpice and Allegro PCB Designer tools"

The Cadence solution reduces our PCB development time by 80 percent

- Gisbert Thomke, Group Leader, IBM R&D Lab

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Matrix Key: A tick confirms that the feature is included in the suite. An option name (CIS Option for example) means you need to purchase the option to get the feature included in the suite

Cadence PCB Suite Configuration Matrix
FEATURESStandard ProfessionalAllegro
Floating Networked License
12 Months Maintenance Support Included In Purchase Price
Graphical, flat and hierarchical page editor and Picture block hierarchy
OrCAD Marketplace to download OrCAD apps
OrCAD PSpice AD Lite (up to 75 nodes)
Net Groups - Complex bus definition
44,000 Schematic symbols
Coloured Components / nets
Tcl TK scripting support
Online design rule check including custom DRC capability and Waive DRC
Forward and back-annotation of properties / pin-and-gate swaps
Schematic Part and Library editor
Cross-probing and cross-placing
FPGA design-in / pin import & export
Multiple PCB netlist interfaces
SI Topology creation
Digi-Key (PartLink App) Component Parametric data directly from web (currently V.16.6 only)
Property editor for pins, components, nets
OrCAD SigXplorer SI Analysis
Intelligent PDF creationUpdated in 17.2Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
Advanced AnnotationNew in 17.2New in 17.2New in 17.2
Design Compare (detail and Graphical)New in 17.2New in 17.2New in 17.2
Default Demo designsNew in 17.2New in 17.2New in 17.2
Extended PreferencesNew in 17.2New in 17.2New in 17.2
Export ISCF (Intel Schematic Connectivity Format)New in 17.2New in 17.2New in 17.2
Export / Import XML New in 17.2New in 17.2New in 17.2
Altium Importer Schematic (PCB also available)
Eagle Importer Schematic (PCB also available)
Component Information SystemCIS optionCIS option
Windows ODBC compatible formatCIS optionCIS option
Interface to relational database and management systems CIS optionCIS option
Database query for part selection and parametric propertiesCIS optionCIS option
Schematic and BOM Variants Manager (Parts not Fitted and more).CIS optionCIS option
CIS Database Management Interface (access control and more)CIS Option + CIP E OptionCIS Option + CIP E OptionCIP E Option
Part search DIGIKEY, FARNELL, FUTURE, MOUSER, ARROWCIS Option + CIP E OptionCIS Option + CIP E OptionCIP E Option
Physical, Spacing, Same net, Netclass and Class to Class rulesUpdated in 17.2Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
DFM Pad Entry / Exit Rules Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
Dynamic pad suppression / Unused Pad removal Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
Cross Section EditorUpdated in 17.2Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
Padstack Editor IPC2581 CompliantUpdated in 17.2Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
Customisable Visibility PaneUpdated in 17.2Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
Dynamic Shape Pin Connection By Layer (Global/Shape/Pin/Layer)Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
Dynamic Cross Hatch ShapesUpdated in 17.2Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
Interactive Routing using Working Layer (layer selection popup)
Multiple placement options, manual, quickplace, auto and room
Placement directly from schematic, individually or window select
Dynamic Shapes (dynamic copper pours) Plow and Heal
Push, Shove and Hug interactive editing
Embedded net names
Curve Routing
Auto Finish (Route Completion Tool)
Through Board Transparency (OpenGL)
Multi‐line routing (Group Routing)
Fan‐out generators
Flip Board
Excellon NC Drill File export
Gerber 274X, 274D artwork Output
IPC2581 Import / Export
Mentor® ODB++ and universal viewer
DFM Checks including soldermask, solderpaste and more
Dynamic rat suppression
Move with autoroute adjust (Slide)
Route cleanup, optimization (Glossing) Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
Impedance Calculator
Interactive / Automatic Silkscreen generation
Blind Buried Single Click multiple via instantiation
Manual Design For Test (DFT) / Test Prep
Component Height DRC
Aligment x and y for components and modules
Associative Dimensioning
Split View
Snake Routing for Hex pattern ICs
Import Altium PCB (schematic also available)
Import EAGLE PCB (schematic also available)
Import PADS & PCAD
Import IFF RF Shapes
Import Export DXF
MCAD/ECAD Incremental design data exchange (IDX)
Import Export IDF
3D CrossprobingUpdated in 17.2Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
STEP 3D Clash DetectUpdated in 17.2Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
STEP 3D viewer for selected item or complete PCB.Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
STEP 3D In/OutUpdated in 17.2Updated in 17.2Updated in 17.2
Application Mode (General, Etch, Placement)
Application Mode (shape)
Scribble Sketch Routing
Full Skill Support
Group route Bus Route and via patternsNew in 17.2
Line FatteningNew in 17.2New in 17.2
Differential Pair Static Phase Control rules New in 17.2
Differential Pairs Physical rules and routing New in 17.2
Propagation delay rules (Relative) for nets or groups 
Propagation delay rules (Min/Max) for nets or groups 
Dynamic Heads‐up Display for critical rules  
Hug Contour routing (Flex)  
Shape based curve fillet support, tapered traces 
Placement replication, template based design reuse  
Constraint Regions, region based rules (Rigid‐Flex; BGA regions)  
Total Etch Length - Max/Min Length 
Delay Tuning  
Automatic Design For Test (DFT) / Test Prep  
Impedance Single Ended Worksheet 
Net Scheduling, T‐Point rules (pin to T‐point), T-Point definition 
Via array / Shielding - Shape and Trace based 
Extended (X)net rules 
Pin Pair rules  
Segment over void detection  New in 17.2
Spread lines between voids  New in 17.2
Multi Cross Section support for Rigid Flexi New in 17.2New in 17.2
Rigid Flexi Zone Management New in 17.2New in 17.2
Dynamic Zone Placement New in 17.2New in 17.2
Inter Layer Checks for Rigid Flexi New in 17.2New in 17.2
Layer set rules New in 17.2
Dynamic Phase Control rules   
Package Pin Delay (for die‐2‐die delay) rules   New in 17.2
Z‐Axis delay feedback   New in 17.2
CAD Translators - Import Mentor® Boardstation  
Max Via Count rules  
Dynamic DFA rules based interactive placement  
Offset Routing  
Design planning ‐ Create hierarchical Bundles   
Design planning ‐ Create, Edit Flows  
Design planning ‐ Assign Flows to Layers   
Dynamic Shape based curve fillet support, tapered traces  
Design Planning ‐ Plan Spatial Feasibility analysis & feedback   Design Planning Option
Design Planning ‐ Generate Topological Plan   Design Planning Option
Design Planning ‐ Convert Topological plan to traces (CLINES)   Design Planning Option
Auto Connect (Breakout, Connect, Compress, Spread, Nudge, Push)  Design Planning Option
Auto Interactive Break-out (AiBT)  Design Planning Option
Automatic Delay Tune (AiDT)  PCB High-Speed Option
Automatic Phase Tune (AiPT)  PCB High-Speed Option
Remove Tuning  PCB High-Speed Option
Timing Vision (Coloured tracks based on constraint adherence)  PCB High-Speed Option
High Speed Via Structures  PCB High-Speed Option
Via Voiding Differential Pairs  PCB High-Speed Option
Tabbed Routing  PCB High-Speed Option
Single net Return Paths Vias  PCB High-Speed Option
Electrical Constraint rule set (ECSets) / Topology Apply   PCB High-Speed Option
Electrical rules (Reflection, Timing, Crosstalk)   PCB High-Speed Option
Advanced Constraints (formulas, relational)   PCB High-Speed Option
Fabric Weave Effect Zig Zag Auto Interactive  PCB High-Speed Option
Differential Pair Return Path Vias  PCB High-Speed Option
Constraint Manager: HDI rule set  Miniaturization Option
Micro-via and associated spacing, stacking and via-in-pad rules  Miniaturization Option
Constraint driven HDI design flow  Miniaturization Option
HDI micro-via stack editing  Miniaturization Option
Manufacturing rule support for embedding components   Miniaturization Option
Embed components on inner layers  Miniaturization Option
Support for Cavities on inner layers   Miniaturization Option
Support for Vertically placed components on inner layers  Miniaturization Option
Soldermask for embedded components  New in 17.2 Mini Option
Support for copy and swap embedded components  New in 17.2 Mini Option
Dual Side Contact Embedded Components  Miniaturization Option
Concurrent Team Design ‐ Layer by Layer   PCB Team Design Option
Concurrent Team Design ‐ Functional block partitioning   PCB Team Design Option
Concurrent Team Design ‐ Team design dashboard   PCB Team Design Option
Concurrent Team Design ‐ Soft boundaries  PCB Team Design Option
Concurrent Team Design - Constraint Editing and Netclasses per Partition  PCB Team Design Option
Harmony Team Design New Option in 17.2 2016  Harmony Team Design Option
Swap pins on a FPGA (based on FPGA rules) in PCB Editor  FPGA System Planner
Reoptimize pins on a FPGA (using FPGA rules)  FPGA System Planner
Parameterized RF etch elements  PCB Analog / RF Option
Asymmetrical Clearances  PCB Analog / RF Option
RF Etch elements editing  PCB Analog / RF Option
Bi‐Directional interface with Agilent ADS  PCB Analog / RF Option
ADS schematics Import Agilent into DE‐HDL  PCB Analog / RF Option
Layout‐driven RF design creation  PCB Analog / RF Option
Flexible Shape Editor  PCB Analog / RF Option
Bias Point, DC sweep, AC sweep & transient analysis (with Temperature)PSpice ADPSpice ADPSpice AD
Parametric AnalysisPSpice ADPSpice ADPSpice AD
Learning PSpice Free TemplatesPSpice ADPSpice ADPSpice AD
Analog behavioural modellingPSpice ADPSpice ADPSpice AD
Stimulus editorPSpice ADPSpice ADPSpice AD
Model Editor for device characterizationPSpice ADPSpice ADPSpice AD
Interactive waveform viewer & analyzerPSpice ADPSpice ADPSpice AD
IBIS / DML model supportPSpice ADPSpice ADPSpice AD
Monte Carlo: Statistical circuit behaviour and yield (Worst Case)PSpice ADPSpice ADPSpice AD
Bias point voltages, currents and power display on schematicPSpice ADPSpice ADPSpice AD
Sensitivity: Identifies critical circuit componentsAdvanced AnalysisAdvanced AnalysisAdvanced Analysis
Optimizer: Optimizes key circuit componentsAdvanced AnalysisAdvanced AnalysisAdvanced Analysis
Monte Carlo: Statistical circuit behaviour and yield multiple measurementsAdvanced AnalysisAdvanced AnalysisAdvanced Analysis
Smoke: Detects component stress Advanced AnalysisAdvanced AnalysisAdvanced Analysis
Parametric Plotter: Examine solution through nested sweepsAdvanced AnalysisAdvanced AnalysisAdvanced Analysis
Optimize Circuits through Curve or Parameter FitAdvanced AnalysisAdvanced AnalysisAdvanced Analysis
Example Design Simple Circuit 1   
Example Design Simple Circuit 2   
Example Design Simple Circuit 3   
Example Design Simple Circuit 4   
Example Design Simple Circuit 5   
Example Design Simple Circuit 6   
Example Design Simple Circuit 7   
Pre- & Post-route signal integrity analysis Pre Route
Graphical topology definition and explorationPre Route
Interactive waveform viewerPre Route
Macro modelling support (DML)Pre Route
IBIS 5.0 supportPre Route
IBIS ICM model supportPre Route
Spectre-to-DMLPre Route
Lossy transmission linesPre Route
Coupled (3 net) simulationPre Route
Differential pair exploration and simulationPre Route
6 Signal Layers at a time (no board layer limit or pin limit) 
Shape-based or Gridded routing 
SMD Fanout 
Physical Trace Width by Net and Net Classes 
45-degree / Memory Pattern Routing 
Interactive Routing with Shoving and Plowing 
Interactive Floorplanning 
Online Design Rule Checking 
Flip, Rotate, Align, Push, and Move Components 
Placement Density Analysis 
Min/Max, matched length rules based autorouting  
Pin-pair rules, Area rules based autorouting  
Crosstalk controls, parallelism rules based autorouting  
Differential Pair Autorouting, Automatic net shielding  
High-speed rules-based autorouting  
256 signal layer limit OrCAD AI OptionPCB AutoRouting Option
DFM rules-based autorouting automatic trace spreading, via reduction and mitering  PCB AutoRouting Option
Spacing Net Class - Class Rules  PCB AutoRouting Option
Via Rules by Net and Net Class  PCB AutoRouting Option
Mircovia features including Plural and Stacked microvias  PCB AutoRouting Option
Auto Test Point Generation and Clearance Rules  PCB AutoRouting Option
Layer-specific rules-based autorouting  PCB AutoRouting Option